Welcome to the home of the Marketing Geeks!

It’s about time we came out of hiding and started pointing out the simplicity of marketing your business, or group, or self, without all the stress.

It stresses us out too you know!

The Marketing Geeks are a collective, brought together by Queen Geek, Clare Marshall, owner and director of SeriousExtreme.com who, while starting to market for the extreme sports niche, realised that other industries were encountering the exact same problemos.
(Plus she’s a nosy Parker, who relishes the opportunity to take a peek at other peoples businesses)

So lets see what we can do for you…

Packages vary depending on need, size and scale so for a quote you’ll need to get in touch so we can research the bajingas out of you.

Email us at  contactus@themarketinggeeks.co.uk and tell us all about yourself so we can get started!

Speak soon!






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