love hate social media podcast artwork

So I went ahead and launched the Podcast!

a real one! and you can listen to it HERE

We are asked about social media each and every day, from clients wondering how to get the best ROI to friends trying to figure out how to add an event to facebook (yeah, I get the whole kaboodle of questions)

So whereas I use the technical “how to” questions as inspiration on what short instructional video I should make next, (a list that is currently the length of my arm!) I have, until now, neglected the “what do you think about….” questions.

and its time that got sorted.

After all, if one person is asking these questions, I’m sure lots are thinking them!

Mostly it will be me and my opinions on the matters but if your opinion is different, why not come on as a guest and give us your take!

You will be able to find the podcast on and also on itunes, google plus, spotify and all the other platforms where podcasts hang out.

Also, if you have a question, send it over! No time like the present!!