Dundee Connections – Delegate List – 8th March 2018

Please find below the Delegate list for our first outing of Dundee Connections. If you’d like an introduction to any of our attendees please let us know when you arrive

Name Surname Workplace
Peter Adams Utility Warehouse
Emma Ainsley Ainsley Phillips
Jayson Alexander DC Thomson
Simon Anderson Xeretec
Pam Angus Tayside VA
Clark Boles CBO Associates
Deborah Bolton Love & Above
Rebecca Bramhall Hampton by Hilton Dundee
Mike Child Mr Droogle
Alan Duff Barclays
James Ford M3 Networks
Kevin Fullerton Attercopia
Samantha Fyfe Flik magazine
Vivienne Gilmartin Bookkeeper
Robbie Handy Attercopia
Amanda Henderson Axiom Marketing Solutions
Michael Hodgson Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Laila Ibrahim Updatalent
Colin Izatt Capital Document Solutions
Audrey Johnston Thrifty
David Knoyle Swinton Insurance
Gary Langlands Vision Sound and Light
Karen Law Karen Law
Craig McCarron Exchange Communications
John McClarey Business Fies
John Phillips Ainsley Phillips
Peter Richardson First Aid Perthshire
Nicola Robinson Thrifty
Alex Russon Barclays
Stephen Salvona Howdens
Andy Simpson Angus 3D solutions
David Stapley Stapley Fireshield
Ally Stokoe Coe Solutions/Link FX
Jacqui Strachan Smart PA
Paul Strachan Paul Strachan Consulting Ltd
Derek Whittet Skipton Building Society

This list is available to download here: Dundee Connections March

First Dundee Connections is a HUGE Success!

I am absolutely delighted to report that The first of our monthly Dundee Connections networking meetings was a rip roaring success! With over 40 businesses represented in the room there was a fantastic mixture of existing and new connections and I’m sure everyone who attended started on the path of building business relationships that will last!

Weavers Mill are our venue and I’m sure everyone would like to thank Linda for all her hard work as I’m sure a crowd of 40 plus teas, coffees and brekkie rolls were an unexpected addition to her Thursday morning! We’ll have to give her more warning next time!

Dundee Connections will be a monthly event held on the second Thursday of every month, (so pencil the dates in the diary so you don’t miss out) Our next one is booked for 8th February and tickets are available on eventbrite now.

The reason we ask you to register is in part so that we can get a good idea of numbers and also so that we can prepare a delegate list prior to the event so that all attendees can look out for contacts that they need to meet and use the time we have effectively! You are welcome to come along without registering but we cant promote you if we don’t know you’re going to be there!

Hope to see you all at the next one!


Dundee Connections Delegate List: 11th January 2018

Please find below the Delegate list for our first outing of Dundee Connections. if you’d like an introduction to any of our attendees please let us know when you arrive

Surname First Name Workplace
Adams Peter Utilities Warehouse
Anderson Amy DP&L Group
Blaylock Anne BM Property Group Ltd
Bolton Deborah Riverside Bakery and Dorset Foods
Butler Tommy Digital Strategy, SEO, Social Media, Ecommerce
Campbell Duncan HR Professional
Cavanagh Martin Thrifty Car Rental
Child Mike Mr Droogle
Dobson Jonathan DF Communications
Duff Alan Barclays UK
Forbes David Wellnessplus Ltd
Flynn Alistair St. James’s Place Wealth Management
Flynn Tanya Dyson Professional
Ford James M3 Networks Ltd
Fyfe Sam flik Magazine
Gardiner Lisa Connect Appointments
Gillan Colin Charles Derby
Gilmartin Vivienne Dundee and Angus College
Hamilton Karen Dressmaker and Designer
Henderson Amanda ARH accountants
Hunter Laura Virtually Laura, Virtual Assistant
Innes Steven J Synergy Worldwide
Jackson Liz Fairways HR & Recruitment
Jordan Scott CleaningDoctor.co.uk
Kearnan Mark True Potential Wealth Management
Kelly Jim Riverview Utility Consultants
Kerr Emma-Jane Smart PA
Knoyle David Swinton Insurance
Langlands Gary Audiovisual installation & business mentor
Lawrence David Foremost Golf & Sports Photography
MacLean Claire SP Technology
Manson Eilidh QA Apprentiships
Marshall Clare The Marketing Geeks
McInally Jonathan Commercial Sales Executive at Dundee Football Club
McKeand Colin Scotlands Mr Networking
Menzies Peter Dundee Gin Company
Moody Mark EcoLab
Murray Lorna L D Murray Consulting Ltd
Myles Steven Clydesdale Bank
Paton Marcus Penninsula UK
Phillips Morag Space Solutions
Richardson Pete First Aid Perthshire
Ringsell Julie Action on Hearing Loss
 Salimi Kessar GO Financial Services (Group) Ltd
Salvona Stephen Howdens Joinery
Salvona Stephen The Photograbber photograpy
Smith Gordon Engagement manager at ACCA
Stapley David Stapley Fireshield
Van Beusekom James Bibby Financial Services
Wilson Steve Business Recovery and Insolvency, Thomson Cooper Accountants
Wilson Rachel Make Up Artist

The Overwhelming Power of Networks!

This blog was originally written on Clare’s website so dates are from that, the photo above is a portion of the attendees but many had to run for trains or were slow coaches in leaving the pub (ha, you know the ones) so it’s not everyone that was there.

Last Friday was phenomenal.

This year I was lucky enough to be invited along to join a networking group that was just starting out. The story behind it was a mutual friend of the founder had started a similar group in Glasgow and wanted to replicate their groups success.

It was only on Friday that we discovered the full scale of that success.

It’s easy to think that networking groups fleet in and out and you join to do business, but increasingly it’s that human connection that is really craved. Working alone I know I need to be around people.

We are still very new and we had commented in our own group that in the 6 months since its inception that we thought it was going incredibly well, that we were pretty close, and were probably more open about our challenges with each other than we were with friends and colleagues.

And we are right. We are.

So to sit with this other group, who are essentially the reason we are together, was incredible.

This group started off exactly as we have, and 14 years later the bonds are incredible. These are people who came together to network for (essentially) business purposes and have been together through thick and thin. Literally describing the group as having seen them through some incredibly dark times where the only day they could guarantee being uplifted was the day they met to network.

I felt myself well up at that comment.

Did they always talk about business? No.

Probably rarely did.

The got to know each other. They acted as each other’s mentors, without ever officially adopting that role. They were confidants when times got tough and knew they had that strength to help them when they needed to draw from it.

They are best friends, how beautiful is that!!

Jings we have a lot to live up to.

It was once mentioned that members had said that this group was the highlight of their week, I feel like that. I never want to miss it.

I’m also a little bit scared that someone will start sitting in my favourite chair.

So I get there early.

I truly hope that I’m reporting back in 14 years that we are still going strong, and as cheesy as it sounds, I think we will be.

The Power of face to face networking!

Ok here’s the truth…. Most businesses have at least part of the business online, and sometimes communicating digitally can be incredibly lonely.

This is especially the case when you are starting out in business or have been in a role for a long time, but let me assure you, it happens to all of us.

Who do you ask for help? Who do you talk to about business? Is everyone doing super well and you’re the only one who’s feeling overwhelm?

That’s why you need business chums!

Luckily, recently there has been a resurgence of face to face networking events all around the UK, from the big established networks to the small seminar networking events, popping up at various businesses, more and more people are making the most of being able to go out there and meet people.

But we often shy away from networking, so let’s address a few things

You’re not going to get sold to!

It’s not about selling. You aren’t going to turn up and be expected to buy a wollop of services (unless you want to) and most people who approach it that way, don’t last long. It’s about meeting other professionals, building relationships, building connections, learning about what people want, and tailoring your services accordingly.

People really do buy from people they know and trust. (I may have stolen that tagline)

So, having that face to face contact is incredibly valuable. Everyone knows they are dealing with a human and being on the networking scene shows that you can be found and you are open to communication.

You will build connections FAST!

And you will be shocked at how quickly your network grows and how many strong relationships form in a short space of time!

Being in a room with lots of new people means you have to find common ground  quickly and you can refine your “elevator pitch” to get the most relevant information across and FAST! (I can’t tell you how much I hate the term elevator pitch, but at least you know what I mean)

Everyone was once the newbie in the room!

Networking events can seem a bit intimidating at first; the prospect of putting yourself in a room with up to 100 people and explaining your business can be scary, but you very quickly realise that everyone in that room has at some point felt the exact same.

I don’t know if I can spare the time!

They adopt several different formats; round-tables, seminars, guest speaking events, breakfast or coffee mornings, speed networking, golfing days, cocktail parties, to be honest the list is ENDLESS.

And they are held at all different times of the day, so you can go for an early morning brekkie or maybe a cocktail after work, so some educational seminars during the day. Just find the ones that work for you!

What’s in it for the organisers?

This gets asked time and time again, and the organisers are also building connections, these could be possible clients or even just possible ways to help existing clients.

Those who understand the power of networking know that building a strong network and getting yourself known (and staying known) is one of the best things you can do for your business. So what better way than by organising your own events!

Many offer free or very low cost events. Don’t be suspicious of them, embrace them!

And you’ll often find they encourage you to make those connections and meet people of interest afterwards for a one-to-one to dig a little deeper. They WANT you, as part of their network, to be successful.

The Marketing Geeks are SO passionate about networking that we are in the process of organising our own events calendar starting 2018. In the meantime, we will be publishing the events we’ll be attending on our Where Will TMG Be? Page.

So, pop along! If you’re nervous and need some moral support, let us know and we’ll be sure to introduce you to some people when you get there!

Not got our number??

What do you notice about the business card in the picture? Apart from the fact that’s its awesome, and yellow, and slick, and Cool? (OK, I’ll stop now)

Yup, you’ve guessed it, There is no number on it.

That IS intentional

We do hand these out a LOT  at various business, networking and trade events and to everyone who has emailed or contacted us to inform us that we have forgotten to put a number on, Thank you! Your concern is valued and so is the time you’ve taken out of your day to jump on that email. That shows that you are super people and definitely the type we want to be around!

So right now you are probably thinking that we have some cool, edgy reason for having no numbers, like perhaps we’re allergic of telephones? Or currently our office is guarded by fire breathing dragons who, as we all know, devour numbers for lunch, rendering them useless?

I’m afraid not

(*sad face*)

It’s actually much simpler than that…

(*Happy Face*)

When a new client comes to us, we know that your time is short, your requirements need to be met quickly, but also, in order to make your time with us worthwhile, we need to know a bit more about you.

Email gives away so much more information that you would think, firstly we can search for you, we’ll generally know your name, your workplace, where you are based and what areas you cover, the social media you use, and a multitude of other things BEFORE we’ve even read the text of your email, which gives us a fantastic baseline for when we phone you back. Which, by the way, we always do.

When we do arrange a meeting, we tailor our plans more effectively as we have done our research and can dig deeper on what is right for your business.

This might not be to everyone’s liking, and that’s OK

We hope that when you do get in touch it is the beginning of a beautiful and productive relationship, so drop us a line and let us know your goals at contactus@themarketinggeeks.co.uk and let’s see what we can do for you!