Jack Davidson to be the youngest driver ever to take on the Mini Challenge

Jack Davidson, winner of the 2017 BRSCC Fiesta Juniors is now set to be the youngest driver to race in the Mini Challenge.

In November TMG were introduced to Jack Davidson, who had recently won the Junior Fiestas in the BRSCC championship and was planning his next season moving up a level to compete in the adult races.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for Jack as he has been invited to be the youngest driver to compete in the Mini Challenge, moving considerably through the ranks to a championship that enjoys not only additional live trackside exposure but also extensive media coverage, being covered on channel 4. (Timings will be made available throughout the season if you would like to follow his progress)

TMG are delighted to have been able to assist in preparing his Website and Sponsorship Documents in preparation for the season where he’ll be inviting new sponsorship partners to join him trackside.

We are looking forward to following his progress and wish you all the best of luck Jack!

If you are interested in potential sponsorship opportunities Jack’s sponsorship documents are available for digital download here

An unconventional intro to motorsport

Picture the scene…

You’ve never been on a racetrack before and a contact of yours puts you in touch with a manager at Knockhill who invites you come find out more….

The day arrives and it’s snowing. Not just a little bit either, but a FULL-ON BLIZZARD!

But that’s OK, because you’re sitting in a cosy hospitality suite listening to all the things that go on and it even sounds exciting!

So, when the invitation to go out on the track is offered, you snap it with both hands.

You whizz around the track at a crazy speed, which somehow, doesn’t adequately scare you, so you ask appropriate questions like “what’s the fatality rate?” and “is there many accidents?”

And then find out that the reason you were on the track is because they needed skilled drivers to make the call on whether it’s safe to let the drivers go out and test their vehicles.

It was not. Not safe at all.

So, everyone was sent home.

Well, that was my first experience of racing.

And it was pretty Epic!

I’m going to be honest and say that I did NOT see myself becoming a fan of the racing, being on track is fun and gets the heart racing but the thought of spending a whole day watching cars go round in circles didn’t strike me as fun.

I was wrong.

This year I was lucky enough to get to work with a team and some of their drivers; some who were racing for the first year, some who had a few seasons under their belt and some who were changing vehicles for a new challenge.

It’s incredible to watch.

Everyone on a team knows exactly what they need to do. The skills level of the mechanics is awe inspiring, you see drivers on an emotional roller-coaster throughout the day, you have numpties like me who just try and make themselves useful and comprehend all the work that’s going on to make this an entertaining day for the spectators. (most of whom are buzzing around the cars)

The 2017 season will be closing in October, they don’t race over the winter, which means now they are preparing for the 2018 start.

There will be new drivers looking for sponsors, established drivers looking to progress to the next level, new challenges and new opportunities, so if you would like to know more about the opportunities and benefits of sponsoring Motorsport get in touch contactus@themarketinggeeks.co.uk and we’ll be happy to tailor a package that could help your business thrive!