Strategy Review

Strategy Review

Not all businesses need a complete overhaul, many just need a bit of direction….

So, you’ve tried blogging and got bored? You’ve tried Instagram and it’s not really you? Pinterest boards got a bit complicated and muddled? And you’re sick of Facebook and Twitter?

We get it. WE’VE all had social media fatigue at some point!

But you’re probably on the right lines and need a bit of direction (or a kick in the pants, whatever works)

In this case we would start off with a review, advice and go from there.

Advice would cover:

  • Basic assessment of your social media
  • Organising your existing data
  • Creating the accounts you should be targeting your audience with
  • Determining your core posts, when and where to schedule them
  • 1-6 month plan depending on the business and its existing marketing resources

After that we’ll schedule some time to check in on you to keep everything tickity-boo and Hurrah! Problem solved and everyone is awesome!


But you might want to say to us….Teach Me How

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