Staff Training

Sometimes you’ll want more than just a review…..

Have you been absolutely bamboozled by people telling you all the things you should be doing and maybe started some of them (or none of them) and realised you and you’re staff are too busy? You don’t know where to start? or lets be honest, maybe you know you should but you don’t want to do any of it?

You are not alone!

After agreeing on your strategy we are happy to come into your business to teach staff about the marketing plan going forward and how they can be involved in driving it.

We work with your staff to show you what to do and most importantly, why to do it.

We can carry out regular reviews, set targets, explore other avenues to drive the business forward and  introduce more complex strategies as and when the business is ready to do so.

It’s our take on a mentoring service, where we get to impart our wisdom on to young businesses, like Gandalf, or Mary Poppins.


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