Teach Me How

Staff Training

Sometimes you’ll want more than just a review…..

Have you been absolutely bamboozled by people telling you all the things you should be doing and maybe started some of them (or none of them) and realised you and you’re staff are too busy? You don’t know where to start? or lets be honest, maybe you know you should but you don’t want to do any of it?

You are not alone!

In this instance, we can get it all set up and running for you.

Get a strategy started with view to you taking the reins.  We work closely with the business to show you and your staff what to do and most importantly, why we’re doing it.

Once it’s been up and running for a couple of months we’ll review the progress, and we can hand it back to you to continue or we can develop it a bit further and introduce more complex elements, it will all depend on what stage the business is at and how you want to progress

It’s our take on a mentoring service, where we get to impart our wisdom on to young businesses, like Gandalf, or Mary Poppins.

**this will generally be a short term, usually three to six month agreement at which point your needs as a business will be reassessed to discover the best way forward for you. Not us. YOU!**


And then there’s secret option number three…. the “All done for me” Package

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