We all know how these start…

A group of friends start rollerblading together, they make it a weekly thing so it’s fun, then some other people start coming along and you get to know others, so you start a group chat and then all of a sudden, BISH-BASH-BOSH, you have a group, several group chats running simultaneously, equipment to hire, days out to organise and transport to arrange and you need to coordinate it! When did that happen??*

If its a social group or a business group, popular and fun activities can grow rapidly and its really important to keep everything ticking along nicely.

So recognising it and putting together a plan can be a tip top idea!

It can be as simple as cleaning up the social media you use or creating events depending on what the group wants to do, who whoever is in charge, feel free to pop over an email to contactus@themarketinggeeks.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help

*based on a true and stressful story