Being a professional is bloomin’ difficult!

Not only is there the initial training, the skills sets you need to develop along the way, AND the ongoing training…. THEN you have to go out and market yourself and your company!

(Now we LOVE marketing, but we get it, it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea!)

So the easiest thing is to A) just not do it, or B) to hand over all your marketing to a firm who wants to do it? Right?


Actually, marketing strategies can be implemented into professional services with very little disruption and most of the time its just building some good networks and simple habits, and bobs your uncle, you have a low maintenance strategy in place that is under your control, and you aren’t having to pay the earth for every month. Super Duper!

*Stop the applause, you’re making us blush!*

So let’s have a chat and see what we can work out for you!

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