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Tired of being bamboozled by Social media?

Our courses will take you through how to maximise impact and minimise your stress

Social Media is no longer an optional activity and your Profiles are just as important as you in-person.

Your social media accounts can be the ideal shop window into your business so you want them to TRULY reflect your business personality.

One of the biggest issues is that there are so many platforms out there to use, and it can be confusing to know which one is right for your business.

We are faced with questions all the time such as:

How do you create interesting content?

How many times a day should you be tweeting?

If I’m active on LinkedIn will my employer worry that I’m going to leave?

Should I connect with clients?

How do we get more followers and engagement?

So we have created courses on the topics we are asked about most regularly, with bonuses and mini courses covering smaller topics. Including…

Optimising LinkedIn
Sourcing Beautiful Images for Free
Creating Images with CANVA

***Coming Soon***
Creating Content Calendars
Optimising Twitter
Connecting Your Social Accounts

We are also happy to add additional courses on topics of interest. If you have any suggestions on additional topics you would like to see covered you can email us at

So whats included?

Optimising your LinkedIn Profile

Optimising your LinkedIn profile to shine you in the best light will reflect your personal image, your company and also show you as an attractive prospect to potential employers; so it is critical that you take the time to do it properly.

Creating With Canva

Want to create beautiful images to compliment your online content? Canva is the best tool out there so we have created a mini course to get you started.

Optimising Your Twitter Profile

***Coming Soon***

Twitter seems to have been around forever, but there’s still some confusion on how to use it effectively. The Twitter course walks through how to how optimise your profile and create content that stands out.

Optimising Instagram

***Coming Soon***

Want to use Instagram but don’t know how to get fantastic images? Optimising Instagram will walk through how to make your profile stand out and create stunning images for your followers to love.

Connecting Social

***Coming Soon***

If you have a few social media accounts on different platforms, it can be useful to connect them.

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Do I have to sign up for a long contract?

Nope, the plans are either monthly or annually so you can choose which plan you’d like to take and you can cancel at anytime.

Do you include Facebook tutorials?

We have chosen not to include Facebook pages or groups tutorials in the course. There are many different ways of setting up your Facebook page or group that are specific to your own needs and Facebook updates their features so regularly that the tutorials would be too complicated.

Can I buy stand alone courses?

We have chosen to include access to all the courses under one plan rather than sell the course individually. Many of the platforms connect to each other so we felt this would be the fairest way and deliver the greatest benefit.

I struggle with creating content, is that covered?

Each course has a section on creating content, as well as awesome bonus sections on sourcing images,and scheduling.

Can I try the courses for free?

No, once you have registered you have full access to all of our courses and bonus content so we do not offer a free trial.