Creating A Marketing Strategy

Having a clear plan is crucial to business success, he we go through the 7 steps of building a strategy

What is a marketing strategy?

Simply put, a strategy, be it a business strategy, marketing strategy or your strategy for world domination, is a plan.

As with any plan, to make it effective you need to know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it, So we consider a number of things to do that and create a plan that we can stick to, refer back to if we feel ourselves getting distracted and adjust as we grow.

Why should I create a strategy?

It’s easy to see why large companies have a strategy as they have lots of people working solely on their marketing, so a lot of small businesses think because they are working alone or in a small team that they don’t need one, but actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as a small business owner, you will find yourself doing far more within your business so it’s even more important to ensure that your time is used wisely and effectively.


Write it all down – this is super important! Even if its only scribbled on a notepad, writing something down makes it real.

Be honest – don’t hold back, you need to be 100% honest with yourself to achieve your best results. (and could offer valuable insights into what works or doesn’t work)

Be realistic – setting realistic goals will benefit you in

Don’t overstretch yourself – You cant be all things to all people and you cant be everywhere at once. Concentrate on the elements that benefit you and once you have them mastered you can introduce new things.


NOTE: This is the order that we use when planning strategies with clients, you may find that you want to complete the lessons in a different order, THAT’S OK, do whatever is suitable for you. You may also find that something may need to be tweaked, or that something in a later lesson sparks inspiration or changes in your plan, THIS IS OK TOO! Part of creating a strategy is to help us get a greater understanding of our business so make as many changes as you need.