Answer The Public

For content creation there is one tool that sands out among the rest for idea generation, and that is answerthepublic.com

Look past the scary looking man and his grumbling at you to get on with it, and you will be provided with ideas a plenty for blog/vlog/podcast topics and posts.

How does it work?

The way it works is by tapping into our tendency to ask search engines questions rather than just search for keywords.

Back in the old days when search engines were less sophisticated we would have to use simple terms in our searches, like “museums Edinburgh” and then trawl through the search results until we found some article or page that resembled a suitable answer, now we will ask questions like “What museums can I visit in Edinburgh” and you will see more accurate results

So Answer the public reverses that for the purpose of content creation, you search for the keywords and it will give you a list of commonly asked questions around that topic.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it’s very simple, from the sites main page you will see a search term box and in that you put your keyword that you are looking to generate ideas about. This could be “Social Media” or “Accountancy” or “Frogs”  (basically anything) and hit Get Questions.

It then generates a visual and downloadable file for you on that subject, for example we just searched for Frogs and got this:

We can also get the results of all the preposition and comparison searches and if we want to use it later we can download it as a CSV document. which is very useful for future topic research.

And its FREE

For occasional or infrequent use, the site allows free use but you are limited in how many searched you can do. You do also have to save your own searches so that you don’t have to research or lose the data.

They do have a pro version at $99/month that allows unlimited searches and will also store your searches and preferences but unless you are creating a lot of content on a variety of topics you may not need to upgrade.

Its always worth using the free version first and then if you feel you need more of the paid for features, you can upgrade at your convenience.