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We want to ensure that your online and offline marketing efforts are as effective as they can be and to do so, we encourage you to use the following three main pillars in order to build a clear marketing strategy for your business.

To create a solid foundation to your strategy we suggest you start with…


By optimising your online profiles you ensure that you are providing information to the potential customers who are looking for it.

Many businesses starting out will set up very basic profiles across all of the social media channels and then unfortunately, neglect them. Having a fully optimised profile, providing quality and relevant information that answers customers questions will make you stand out from 80% of businesses who fail to maintain their online profiles.

Also, from a customers or clients point of view, having all the information they need readily available will install trust and help develop your business relationship from the outset.

After we have spend time on optimisation, we like to keep momentum going and make sure that our profile remain active and to do this we move on to…

Content Curation & Creation

Creating content can be overwhelming, especially when also taking into account all of the other factors involved in running a business and even with the best of intentions, it is easy to let content creation fall to the ed of the to do list.

By curating relevant content that has been written by others you will have information to share that can be easily shared and linked to during busy spells and takes the pressure off having to consistently find new content.

Finding a healthy balance of sharing and creating posts will help promote your business, keep profiles active and also build business relationships with those who find value in our content.

and once we have some content we need to tell people about it so lets talk about…


You have some amazing content, you have fully optimised profiles, but if nobody knows about them, they aren’t helping you in your business or brand development. So, we now have to look at how to go about promoting yourself online, reaching out and engaging with customers.

In the promotion modules we will also cover re-purposing, and the varying ways you can use cross channel promotion techniques to your advantage.

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