I’ve parted ways with Yatter

(A personal blogpost from Clare Marshall)

So as some of you already know, for a while over the latter part of 2017 and the beginning of this year I was working with Yatter, a new collaborative social media scheduler that has been developed in Glasgow.

Some of you may also have received the announcement email from when my profile updated on LinkedIn and for those of you who have sent their congratulations on my new post, I am humbled and thank you all.

Unfortunately, shortly after the announcement of my involvement became public, it became clear that despite being brought on to bring a fresh approach to their marketing, the team were uncomfortable with me working differently to the way they were used to, the relationships became sour and I decided I had to leave.

This wasn’t a decision I took lightly, the product is superb and those who know me know that I love seeing new businesses thrive! That’s why I love doing what I do.

I think it’s important to recognise that toxic environments don’t work for anyone, and at a time where the team needs to be pulling together, our differences were only causing division.

Yes, it’s disappointing to leave after so short a time, but no, I don’t regret parting when I did. It wasn’t going to work and it’s better to recognise that early on and save the big complicated mess at the end.

Yatter is a superb system and I wish those still involved all the very best for the future (if you would benefit from using a scheduler then check it out, I highly recommend it)

Toodle Pipski!

Clare 🙂


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