Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimising your Social Media

Most people start out on LinkedIn with a “I have to be on this” attitude and don’t see it as the incredibly powerful and useful social media tool that it is.

In fact, a fully optimised profile can do wonders for your your professional image, create lasting relationships with connections you wouldn’t otherwise be able to stay in touch with and open doors to opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

So its pretty dang important you are presented in a good light!

Our first announced workshops are below with evening and daytime workshops available to book on eventbrite.


Edinburgh dates:

Optimising your LinkedIn profile (Tues 15th May – eve)

Optimising your LinkedIn profile (Fri 15th June – morn)

Where Will TMG Be? November 2017

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Marketing Geeks are HUGE believers in face to face networking, so we get out and about and try to meet as many people as possible during the working week.

Lots of the events are free or cost the same as a cup of coffee or tea, and the connections you can make can be invaluable!

So, if you would like to come along to any and either meet us there or arrange a one-2-one before or after the events we’d love to meet you!

Below are the events we will be attending this November (and their links to the tickets if you need to book!)

Wednesday 1st November

Southsiders In Business

The original Glasgow event that inspired coffee connections is noted to be one of the best monthly events in the city. So naturally we have to check it out!

1st & 2nd November

Scottish Business Exhibition

SMEs of all shapes and sizes will be gathering in the SEC with a variety of talks and events being held over the two days.

Tuesday 7th November

Creative Circles

The fantastic folks at Codebase are hosting Creative Circles monthly meet for creative, techs and makers, Event is sponsored by FreeAgent and is drop in anytime between 8:30 and 10:30am

Wedding Suppliers Network

A great event for anyone who supplies services associated with weddings, from venues and caterers,  bespoke honeymoon planners, to wedding stationers and florists.

Friday 10th November

Preparing for GDPR

Admittedly not the sexiest of subjects but one that we will all be affected by in the next few months. We go along so that we make sure we keep ourselves compliant and also so that we can steer our clients in the right direction for help and advice.

The Friday Biz Northumberland

Hosted by the delightful Charlie Kenny we attend the Granary in Berwick upon Tweed from 12noon-2pm (ish), lots of businesses and lots of interesting topics covered.

Tuesday 14th November

MBTAG Tourism Showcase

We were invited along to the last MBTAG away day and it was not only eye opening to the range of businesses in the Midlothian and Borders area, but also a bloomin fun (if absolutely exhausting) day out!  come along and see what different services you could work with!

 Wednesday 15th November

Expo Scotland

Hashtag events are running Expo Scotland at Hampden Park for its second year! lets hope this is even bigger than the last!

Friday 17th November

Business Week East Lothian Coffee Morning

This bi monthly event in Haddington brings in a HUGE selection of businesses from in and around East Lothian and has some fantastic speakers.

Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd November

Scotland Build 2017

Scotlands leading event for those in construction and design held at the SEC. there will be workshops and seminars covering the two days so check out their website for an itinerary to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Thursday 23rd November

East End Connections

We unfortunately had to miss last months EEC and are feeling the FOMO. Looking forward to this one as it’ll be incredible!

Network Borders

We’ve never been before but this event in Lilliesleaf has caught our attention as its been steadily growing over the summer. so time to check it out!!!

Thursday 30th November

Intellectual Property Zone

Another subject that people shy away from but is incredibly important to know where you stand with. We’ll be going along anyway so if there is any uncertainty with where you stand with trademarks, IP or brand awareness, come along or let us know and we’ll look out for someone who can answer your questions.

On all other days we are free for a chinwag over a cup of tea so feel free to get in touch at contactus@themarketinggeeks.co.uk and we can arrange a suitable time

Stop working for free, like, RIGHT NOW!

Credit: Basically.wtf (that’s actually the website, I’m not just being a swearypants)

Regardless of what profession you’re in, you will have encountered the freebie hunters; people wanting free advice, you to do something “really simple” for them (so simple that apparently, they can’t do it themselves) work in exchange for “exposure” (that always makes me giggle!)

You may have even been guilty of not recognising others work yourself, If we’re honest, none of us can fully appreciate how much work, dedication and time others have spent on honing their skills. Just as they won’t fully appreciate ours. And that’s ok, as long as people are being treated fairly.

Yes, some people are naturally talented; artists, musicians and singers probably get the worst deal from this as people ask them to work for “exposure” all the time.

Only this morning I seen a “competition” asking photographers to send in their pictures for the “chance to be featured” (this is a sneaky way of asking to work for exposure while said company get incredible images without having to pay a penny)

There was NO prize.

What utter nonsense

And it’s not only the creative people who get this, we’ve been sucked into free projects, all of which, without exception, were more hassle than they were ever worth; and recently I was chatting to a lawyer who said one of the best pieces of advice he was given on graduating: Don’t tell people you’re a lawyer! Because everyone will come and ask you about all sorts!

Words to live by. I might start telling people I’m an assassin. Surely that’s a conversation killer.


Especially when you are starting out, you may think it’s a good idea to get exposure, but in the long term, you are better off without these customers.

Walk away. Run away. Screaming if you need to.

Just don’t do it.

I implore you, please value your work! Your skills are worth paying for and if people aren’t willing, well, let them take their “exposure” elsewhere!